Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Paleo Intermittent Fasting Recipes

This cookbook by Angela Anottacelli is part of the Caveman Cookbooks series.

I learned three things from this book:

  1. I have a lot to learn about intermittent fasting.
  2. I have a lot to learn about the Paleo Diet.
  3. I have a lot to learn in the kitchen.
All of which means I am probably not the best person to review this book. Of course, I'm not going to let that stop me.

As far as my research tells me, intermittent fasting is just what it sounds like, so I fail to understand what "Intermittent Fasting Recipes" are. As for the Paleo Diet, I thought it was eating only the kinds of foods cavemen might have eaten, but the book has a lot of ingredients such as yogurt (a favorite) and coconut milk. I also hadn't given much thought to how a Paleo meal is prepared, but Anottacelli includes recipes that use techniques I'm sure Paleolithic people couldn't have; things like deep frying and freezing.

And as for me in the kitchen, what can I say? I had no idea a mandolin was anything other than a stringed instrument.

Realizing it would be best if someone else did the actual cooking, I have not made any of the recipes in the book. Not yet, at least. I'm not sure where to find hemp hearts or ghee, either. It would have helped to have a guide to let the reader know where to purchase the more exotic ingredients.

Still, the recipes sound yummy. I'll see if I can get someone to help me out in the kitchen. (If I use a mandolin to cut the sweet potatoes, is the music sharp?)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you are an author and would like to have your book considered for review CLICK HERE.

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