Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Effie's Senior Year

Four Reasons to Like Effie's Senior Year by Tracy Marchini

4.) All six of Effie's misadventures are included in this one book.
     4a.) I like misadventures.

3.) Effie is a great character
     3a.) Okay, she's not anyone I would aspire to be like.
     3b.) On the other hand, as the fat, insecure girl she perceives herself to be, she is a believable character.
     3c.) Marchini does an excellent job of getting the reader inside Effie's head.

2.) Effie has come a long way by the end of these six stories.
     2a.) Even if she doesn't realize it.

1.)The lists were clever.
     1a.) And fun.
     1b.) And awesome.
     1c.) And a great way to show the reader what Effie is thinking (see 3c. above).

What I Didn't Like About Effie's Senior Year

1.) Effie's potty mouth.
     1a.) No, I do not consider myself a prude.
     1b.) Yes, I did talk that way my senior year, so you could say it's realistic except....
     1c.) Some of the swears seem like they were forced into the text with a shoehorn, as if Marchini felt her book wouldn't sell unless she made some magical quota of swear words. In fact, Effie's sister Ophelia has at least one unauthentic-sounding swear as well.
     1d.) Don't get the idea that it's all swears. They actually make up only a small portion of the book.

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