Saturday, January 31, 2015


Danielle was upset. She had an idea for a story and her friends were trying to talk her out of writing it.

"The woman can't be a warrior," one of them told her. "How will the guy rescue her if she is the strong one?"

Danielle is a real author and a friend of mine. And she really did have friends trying to talk her out of writing her story. Through a popular social media site, she asked if other friends (like me) thought she should abandon the project.

"Write it!" I told her. "Who cares if it gets published? It's in your head -- you owe it to yourself to write it! Never let someone else's limits be YOUR limits!"

In life, you will find people who will expect you to abide by their limits. Usually, these people mean well. But you will only achieve greatness by pushing your limits, attempting things that have never been done before.

When someone tells me what I can't do, I simply have a two-word response: "Watch me!"

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